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Oral Health Services: Sedation Dentistry

Have you heard of all the types of sedatives available in dentistry? Did you know that sedatives can be given orally, injected, or given in gas form? With all the distinct levels and varieties of sedation available, you and your dentist can certify that you will receive the best treatment imaginable with the lowest amount of stress and anxiety. Your... read more »

Afraid of Dentists? Our Nice Dentists Have a Solution for You

Did you know that between 9 percent to 15 percent of Americans claim that they do not visit their dentist due to fear? That’s somewhere between 27 to 46 million people! Most dental appointments aren’t painful at all, but it’s common for patients to be afraid of dentistry. The phrases “dental anxiety” and “dental phobia” are often thought to mean... read more »

Sedation Dentistry Provides Comfort for many Dental Procedures

There is a wide range of dental procedures, where sedation can improve the comfort of the patient. There are in fact several different degrees and methods of sedation available. Your personal preference and the duration of the procedure greatly influence the level of sedation that is called for. Dental professionals are trained to advise you on the best method of... read more »