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Sedation Dentistry Provides Comfort for many Dental Procedures

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There is a wide range of dental procedures, where sedation can improve the comfort of the patient. There are in fact several different degrees and methods of sedation available. Your personal preference and the duration of the procedure greatly influence the level of sedation that is called for. Dental professionals are trained to advise you on the best method of sedation to maximize your comfort.

Dental anxiety is a recognized psychological condition where sufferers feel an undue fear of basic dental procedures. While the person recognizes the value of the procedure, they still feel an increased level of stress. If you suffer from dental anxiety, your dentist might suggest breathing nitrous oxide. This will help relax you and ease the muscular tension associate with anxiety.

Long dental procedures might require a patient to have to hold their mouth open for an uncomfortable amount of time. Moderate sedation can help put you into a light sleep yet you can still be easily roused. Most of the time the sedative is a pill or liquid you ingest. In some cases they might use a slow drip IV.

Deep sedation is most often called for during oral surgery or in long procedure, such as multiple tooth extractions. You will need to arrange to have a friend or family member drive you. It would also help to have someone at home to help you get back on your feet. Deep sedation is usually administered via a slow drip IV.

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