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Water Flossers Can Be Effective

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Are you tired of stringy floss? If so, try a water flosser. No matter what kind of floss you use, the critical thing to remember is to keep flossing. Our dentist, Dr. Anthony Shaia with Shaia Dental Care in Middleburg Heights, Ohio, is happy to talk to you about the importance of flossing and why water flossers may be ideal for you.

Flossing is done to significantly clean between your teeth and deep along the gumline where your toothbrush can’t reach. For many people, particularly those with arthritis in their hands, traditional floss can be painful and hard to use with your fingers. That is why water flossing may be idyllic. Water flossers work by using a steady beam of water with firm pressure to clean away food particles and plaque from your teeth. Water flossing is tender on the gums and can be less painful than traditional floss.

Another added benefit to water flossing is many systems are approved by the American Dental Association through their Seal of Acceptance program. The seal means that the water flosser has been uniquely tested and approved for safety and efficacy for household use. Water flossing can also help against the hazard of gum disease because of the gentle effect and care they have the gums.

As you can see, water flossers can be effective to aid in your oral hygiene routine. If you have questions about your oral health or would like to make an appointment, please call us today at 440-884-9898.