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The Perks of Laser Dentistry

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The field of modern dentistry is constantly evolving. Due to advances in techniques and technologies, procedures have become safer and more effective. One of the greatest advances in dental technology in recent years has been the proliferation of laser use. Lasers can be used to expedite and improve a variety of dental procedures.

When you think of lasers you might think of sci-fi shootouts, but lasers are really just concentrated light. When harnessed in dental instruments, they can be used in both cosmetic and restorative treatments. They are more sanitary than traditional instruments and can even reduce the amount a pain a patient feels.

One way lasers are used is to help cure material applied to teeth, including dental fillings. Fillings are more successful when well-cured, and lasers help with this process. They are also used during whitening treatments. Their focused light is used to activate whitening agents and get you on your way quicker.

Lasers are also used as cutting instruments. They can be used during periodontal procedures to remove infected areas of tissue. They can also remove decayed portions of teeth, sometimes reducing the amount of drilling that needs to take place during a filling or root canal therapy. Using a laser during these treatments may also reduce pain felt by patients and improve recovery time.

Advances in dental technology, including the use of lasers, has made dentistry more comfortable and effective. At Shaia Dental Care, we want to give you the best dental care possible. This is why Dr. Anthony Shaia uses laser dentistry in appropriate procedures. Call our Middleburg Heights, OH, office to make an appointment today.