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No More Teeth Grinding

Grinding your teeth - either while asleep, or absentmindedly while at your desk at work - isn’t ever a pleasant experience. It hurts, causes some jaw issues, can even lead to TMJ disorder, and worst of all, it destroys the biting and chewing surface of your teeth. That’s arguably one of the most important parts of your teeth. So how... read more »

Grinding Your Teeth Can Be Addressed with a Night Guard

The technical term for grinding your teeth at night, is known as bruxism. This can pose several different threats to the integrity of your teeth and the overall health of your teeth. If left unchecked, the force and tension from grinding can damage teeth, cause alignment issues and promote problems like TMJ disorder. By using night guard in your mouth... read more »

Cleaning and Maintaining your Custom Night Guard

Your custom night guard represents and investment in preventing damage to your teeth and jaw caused by grinding your teeth at night. While your night guard is designed to be very durable, routine care and maintenance can extend its lifespan, thus saving you the expense of buying a new unit. You should rinse your night guard in cold water, each... read more »