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Regular Tobacco Use Poses a Serious Threat to Your Long and Short-Term Oral Health

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that over 40 million Americans use tobacco products in some form on a regular basis. While many people are aware of the threats posed to circulatory and respiratory health posed by tobacco use, the short and long-term threats to oral health can be just as serious.

Tobacco use tends to create pervasive bad breath. To counteract this, many tobacco users will turn to lozenges and hard candies to mask the smell. This introduces extra sugar to the mouth, which in turn promotes complications related to gum disease and tooth decay.

Tobacco tar and chemicals, as well as heat, often irritate the sensitive tissues in your mouth. This prolongs your recovery time after many dental procedures and increases your chances of infection.

Unsurprisingly, tobacco use also greatly increases your chances of developing oral or pharyngeal cancer. A variety of research studies have linked tobacco use to as many as eight well-known forms of cancer.

Tobacco cessation can be a serious challenge, yet the benefits to your oral health are well worth the struggle.

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