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Dental Bridges 101

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A dental bridge may seem like a frightening procedure; however, the benefits greatly outweigh the costs. For example, a dental bridge is considered to be one of the quicker procedures for tooth replacement. A dental bridge will only take two or three visits to your dental office. Even though this may seem like a great reason to consider a dental bridge, there are more reasons that will persuade you. These reasons include:

1. Dental bridges don’t require surgery: Dental bridges tend to be a less complicated procedure compared to dental implants. For this reason, patients who receive a dental bridge do not have to go through any surgical work, which allows the bridge to be placed in a two or three visit time frame.
2. They work with the deterioration of the jawbone: People with jawbone deterioration, jawbone loss, or jawbone damage are great candidates for a dental bridge. This is because dental bridges are less invasive, simpler, less expensive, and less painful compared to other dental procedures.
3. They are cheap: As discussed above, dental bridges tend be less expensive compared to other dental procedures. Even though the cost is lower, the work is still greatly beneficial and well received.

Patients tend to say that they are able to chew, talk, laugh, and smile easier when improving their oral health with a dental bridge. If you are considering a dental bridge, don’t hesitate to contact Shaia Dental Care. We will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you have. So, call 440-884-9898 today!