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Benefits of IV Sedation

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Sedation dentistry is one of the best, most effective ways to help people get the dental care they need. However, not all sedation is created equal. Some people need higher levels of sedation than others, and for some dentists, this poses a problem when trying to obtain the optimal level of sedation for a given procedure.

That’s why, here at Shaia Dental Care Dr. Anthony Shaia uses IV sedation. It’s a much more effective way of delivering sedation to patients. Let’s look at its specific benefits.

Takes more training to administer

Regular sedation – aside from general anesthesia – doesn’t require a ton of training and education to administer. IV sedation, however, takes more of both. That’s because IV sedation provides a near-immediate effect on the patient.

Direct delivery

IV sedation is also a far more effective way to immediately calm your nerves and make you feel as comfortable as possible while in the dental chair. Since the sedatives are administered directly to your bloodstream, Dr. Anthony Shaia is able to adjust the level of your sedation in real-time. This ensures the best possible IV sedation experience.

It’s conscious sedation

Unlike general anesthesia, IV sedation keeps you awake during the procedure. You will feel extremely relaxed – and may even nod off if you’re really tired – but once the IV is stopped you’ll be back to normal in short order, and in perfect condition to drive yourself home.

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