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Your Dentist’s Tooth Bleaching Procedure Creates the Whitest Smile Possible

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A bright white smile says a lot about your and makes a good first impression. If you have deeply stained teeth, retail whitening products might leave you with unsatisfactory results. The strongest concentrations of whitening agents can only be found in our in-office teeth bleaching procedure. This procedure is designed to give you the ideal white smile you desire.

Before starting the procedure, your dentist will protect your gums from the strong bleaching agents with a protective gel or a carefully placed rubber dam. The bleaching agents are then poured into trays that are inserted into your mouth. The duration of the treatment might also be influenced by how deeply stained your teeth are. After bleaching we might also use a laser light to help enhance the whitening process.

If you have questions about your teeth whitening options or you would like to know more about our in-office tooth bleaching procedure, please feel free to call us at 440-884-9898 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you have the white smile you’ve always wanted!