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When’s the Best Time to Brush?

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What is the best time to brush your teeth? Is there a best time, or does it make no difference? Should you brush before or after you eat? To help you answer questions like these, we’re happy to give you a few ideas.

People typically prefer to brush their teeth right after they eat to remove the bacterium that causes bad breath and to remove excess food particles. However, the sugars we eat become acid on our teeth. This is a natural occurrence, and you may think the best thing you could do is remove the acid as quickly as possible. However, please don’t. The acid will soften your enamel, and the brushing motion can damage it. Please don’t misunderstand, it is perfectly fine to brush your teeth after you eat—just wait at least thirty minutes so your enamel can harden again.

In reality, it is completely safe to brush your teeth anytime before a meal, but it can be unpleasant, because the flavor of the food can affect the taste of your food. If you do decide to brush your teeth before you eat, you may want to consider chewing gum, eating an apple, or using mouthwash to stimulate saliva and remove excess food debris.

However, different people embrace both times. For example, there are people who wake up and brush their teeth before breakfast and then brush their teeth after dinner. And that’s completely fine. Just remember to wait thirty minutes after you eat.

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