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The Oral Health Care Compendium to Endodontics and Root Canals

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Did you know that there was a branch of dentistry known as endodontics that focuses primarily on the inner parts of a tooth? Within a tooth lies the pulp and root, which if damaged, typically require a tooth extraction. However, endodontics can implement treatments such as root canal therapies designed to save otherwise failed teeth.

Endodontic training requires additional education beyond regular dental school, which typically lasts for an additional two years. During that time, they are trained for highly advanced and complex procedures including root canal treatments. With root canals, damaged pulps can be extracted and teeth can be saved.

Every single year in the United States, endodontic treatments is responsible for the recovery and restoration of millions of teeth. When teeth have successfully undergone root canal treatments, they can be once again used for chewing and functioning properly. In many cases, root canals can last a lifetime.

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