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The Details You Need that Can Help You Prevent Overeating

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It’s OK to overeat occasionally; however, if you overeat more often, it can harm your health and your smile. This is why our dentist, Dr. Anthony Shaia, encourages you to try and avoid overeating as much as possible. Overeating exposes your teeth to decay-causing and erosion-causing substances for long periods of time. So, please use our tips to stop overeating.

Our first tip is to only eat when you’re hungry. Our bodies are very smart, and they tell us when we need food and when we don’t. However, sometimes that’s not the case because the body also feels this way when we are sad, bored, or even thirsty. So, it’s important to listen to our bodies and determine the reason for feeling the way we do. If you’re hungry, don’t forget to eat.

Our second tip is to eat fatty foods. Fatty foods make us feel satisfied. In fact, they’re the foods that help us feel full after a meal. So, if you eat fatty foods, you’ll feel full and you won’t be tempted to overeat. Fatty foods also take a while to digest, so they can help you stay fuller longer.

Our third tip is to avoid starving yourself. You can follow this tip by following the first tip. All you need to do is eat when you’re hungry. If you starve yourself, you’ll want to eat everything in the refrigerator, and you’ll most likely try. So, keep an apple or granola bar in your bag and eat them when you’re hungry.

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