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Oral Piercings: A Fashion Statement And A Health Risk

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A barbell in your tongue, a lip ring, and a stud in your cheek are considered by many as fashion statements and forms of self-expression. However, dentists and other medical professionals consider these piercings to be a health risk. Here are a few reasons for why we discourage our patients from getting oral piercings:

  • Your mouth contains thousands of bacteria and comes in contact with several irritants. This makes the site of your oral piercing very susceptible to infection, which can spread to the rest of your body in some cases.
  • If the many blood vessels in your tongue are damaged by a piercing, then uncontrolled bleeding may result.
  • Your tongue can swell so much after receiving a piercing that it blocks your airway and prevents you from breathing.
  • A piercing can wear, chip, and break your teeth, causing problems with the alignment of your bite.
  • You can experience nerve damage that makes your mouth permanently numb. This effects the way you speak and chew.
  • Blood poisoning and blood clots have been known to form as a result of an oral piercing.

We encourage patients to avoid the practices that harms their mouth’s health, and that includes getting an oral piercing. Please call Shaia Dental Care today to learn more.