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A Fractured Tooth Needs Treatment to Prevent Further Complications

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Athletic injuries and household accidents can sometimes impact the mouth with severe force. In some of these instances, it can badly chip or fracture a tooth’s enamel layer.

Some of these cases don’t cause immediate discomfort or sensitivity. However, you shouldn’t allow the absence of immediate distress to lull you into the thinking the tooth doesn’t need treatment.

The compromised structure of the tooth could eventually lead to a more severe dental fracture. Even if the compromised tooth remains whole, the abnormal textures in the area could start to gradually trap plaque and residual food particles. In time the bacterial deposits could lead to a severe case of tooth decay.

If you have recently chipped or fractured a tooth, you need to have it examined by a doctor like Dr. Anthony Shaia to prevent further complications. After a basic examination, he will explain your treatment options.

In a case where a significant amount of tooth enamel has been lost, or the structural integrity of the tooth is threatened, our doctor might recommend a dental crown restoration. The process will eventually replace the tooth’s enamel layer with a durable material.

Once it has been secured onto the healthy core of the tooth, the dental crown will fully replicate the tooth’s physical presence and basic function in your mouth.

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